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Deliver Impactful & Outcome-Driven Communication with Exceptional Self-Expression and Confidence in 10 WEEKS


Have you ever wished you could crisply communicate your thoughts, speak to the hearts of people, and establish meaningful connections?

Would you like to ascend to the next level in your career, manage people with minimal escalations, and be respected as a leader who inspires? 

Would you like to get your ideas across in a way that you can convince even the most difficult people?

Have you ever wished you could handle irate clients, colleagues, and superiors without straining your relationship with them?

It is a popular misconception that communication entails only language proficiency, confidence, and expressiveness.

What is Communication Intelligence, you ask? Well, research suggests:


Communication Skills
Emotional intelligence
Communication Intelligence

All you’re missing is a strategic intervention that affords you the opportunity to understand how to integrate your Emotional Intelligence in order to become an Intelligent Communicator - until now! 


Communication Intelligence with Gurleen Kaur is a customized mentorship-based curriculum aimed at nurturing your communication so that you lead, negotiate, network, inspire, and drive any outcome that you desire. 


Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an established entrepreneur, a leader in the corporate world, or an aspiring student – you'll experience the power of communication as a tool for rising in your personal and professional life. 

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Become an Intelligent Communicator  #theZenithWay

Communication Intelligence takes you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through a carefully designed curriculum to equip you with tools to express confidently, establish credibility and connection, diffuse heated situations, and network effectively.

The curriculum has enabled entrepreneurs, working professionals, corporate leaders to ascend to the next level of their careers and manage greater responsibilities with ease. It has armed individuals across the spectrum with exceptional expression, confidence, and tools to forge stronger and lasting relationships.

With the help of well-researched assessments, scientifically designed training methodologies, neuro-linguistic programming, Communication Intelligence will help you tap into your latent reservoir as you communicate, network, inspire, and lead.

Gurleen Kaur, your mentor in this journey, has been widely acclaimed for her simplified yet highly-effective techniques in helping individuals reveal their dormant potential, both as a communicator, and an individual. 

So, get ready because this is your chance to experience the journey of a lifetime!


Communication Intelligence is a 10-week strategic intervention that aims to upskill professionals to be in the driver’s seat and steer their communication through empathetic listening, problem-solving, and people management to establish connection and credibility. 

The curriculum is designed and chunked down into efficient and easy to practicalize segments that enable you to embrace lasting growth in your communication, one step at a time. As you experience the power of your transformation, this curriculum will facilitate the smooth transitioning of the grasped skills from the conscious to the subconscious level.

By the end of the program, you will be amazed to discover Communication Intelligence embedded into your very system.

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Learn to overcome your hesitation, inconfidence, and internal communication barriers to become a powerful communicator



Follow simple “Gestural Communication” techniques to exhibit a confident body language, positive non-verbal cues, and become an impactful speaker



Learn to articulate your communication such that it is easily understandable, relatable, and conclusive - be it written or verbal



Learn how to tap into your divergent thinking, stay calm, and turn potential conflicts into opportunities, even in the most volatile situations



Learn how to adapt to the psychology of your listener, build deeper understanding & connection in your personal and professional relationships



Learn how to be in the driver’s seat of any conversation, create the outcomes you desire, and avoid unnecessary stress, waste of time & energy



Use emotional intelligence to understand what drives people’s decision making, and craft your communication to navigate swift negotiations



Learn how to establish your invisible authority, create impactful & inspiring speeches, lead presentations, and board meetings, using the AFTER Technology


Accelerate your career & financial growth by using Communication Intelligence and becoming an asset, wherever you go


With 'Communication Intelligence' you also get these bonuses:


FREE access to the Zenith MasterMind LIVE for 8 weeks 

Once a week LIVE mentorship session with your Mentor. Experience practical and simplified learning like never before.


FREE access to the Zenith Discussion Forum for 10 weeks

Motivate your team as you brainstorm and ideate to come up with divergent solutions, express yourself and get instant feedback.


FREE ACCESS to 3 Customized Action Templates and E-Books 

Get three powerful resources made just for your area of work, complete with checklists, self-monitoring sheets, and steps that have created astonishing success stories.


Become a part of the ever-growing Zenith Global Alumni

Community and get access to valuable resources, leadership, and networking opportunities.


Gurleen Kaur

It was in 2008 when Gurleen was first brought to the epiphany that a glaring gap exists between the hard skills and the necessary 21st-century skills required by every young person and working professional to thrive in their careers and live a content life. And ever since, Gurleen has been working passionately to empower individuals to live a powerful and fulfilled life.
She created a ground-breaking curriculum for Leadership, Communication & Emotional Intelligence, and founded the '5 Inner Intelligences Framework' so that students and working professionals can be equipped with the all-encompassing skill set needed to rise on the ladder of success.
With her simple yet profound formulas, she has personally mentored over 25000 + students and working professionals to bring about a paradigm shift in their mindset, attitude & perspective in life.
Gurleen has been the driving force behind the personal growth and self-realization of the entire Zenith Global Alumni community, as she moves closer to her vision of getting this education to a total of 1 MILLION students, working professionals and women by the year 2025.
Gurleen is an electrifying speaker & an authority on subjects like leadership, communication intelligence, emotional intelligence, and personal development.
A philanthropist at heart, a Doctorate in Psychotherapy and Counselling, an international affiliate with the American Psychologists Association, NLP Master Trainer, an author, blogger, speaker, a hands-on mentor, a personal development coach, and a cheerleader of growth, Gurleen is most loved for the connection and sense of empathy she shares with her Zenith community.
What truly defines Gurleen is her staunch belief in the infinite potential and limitless genius that exists within each individual. She has lived her life’s vision in helping people realize their truest potential through hands-on mentorship and personal development coaching.




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Left: Mr. Manish Sisaudia (Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister of Delhi) with Gurleen Kaur. Top Right: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam (Former President & Missile Man of India) for the launch of the Zenith Curriculum in 2010 with Gurleen Kaur. Bottom Right: Sh. Milkha Singh Ji (World-Renowned Athlete; also crowned as the "Flying Sikh) with Gurleen Kaur.


Mataba Angela Helu 
Legal Intern - Klauberg BALTICS
Talinn, Estonia

“Zenith has freed me forever!”


Zenith has pushed me out of my comfort zone so that I could overcome my limiting beliefs and become a much more powerful communicator. Zenith helped me uncover the potential that was lying dormant within, this entire time. I didn't realise before coming to Zenith that all the word 'can't' did for me was burden my life by making me a prisoner to its meaning. Zenith has freed me forever.


Jay Shah
Co-founder & Senior Manager @ Nyayvruti

“From a boy who thought he had everything, Zenith made me realize how I was unknowingly limiting myself and liberated me from that loop”


I thought I had everything - good at academics, athletic, hardworking, and an avid reader. But I still felt like everything had lost its meaning and was severely demotivated. When I joined Zenith, I learned extremely powerful concepts, including flipping the script, changing the narrative, and interpreting things constructively. My pessimism made me think I knew enough, but my mentor, Gurleen ma'am helped me use Kaizen to un-become the negatives of who I had become. Today, I am more confident and no longer seek comfort in my limitations.


Rinku Jai
Primary Teacher @ RVM Hight School
New Delhi, India

“Life is unpredictable - Zenith found me at my lowest and has taken me to the level I never thought was possible for me to achieve”


I was at rock bottom when I realized that my communication skills weren't helping matters at all. Words will never describe my gratitude to this wonderful community and the entire Team Zenith who have transformed my perspective on how I view the world and the people in it. Communication might hold a different meaning for different people, but for me, through my journey at Zenith, I have realized that communication is the bridge that creates lasting and meaningful connections with people. Now, I have developed the composure and poise to communicate impactfully in my personal and professional life.


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