COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE is an intensive 8 weeks certification course which will bring about a transformation in the way you communicate. 
You will become exceptional in your Self Expression, Confidence, Effective Communication and Presentation skills. You will master the techniques to what it takes to create an impact and influence in communication, be it your personal or professional life. 
"Any education on communication is incomplete if it does not apply the left brain and the right brain skills equally"

The general understanding of Communication Skills has been limited and has largely remained focused on language, reading, writing, creating a good looking presentation and using refined vocabulary skills only.
There has been too much focus on the left brain functions whereas research and scientific analysis state that emotions play a very crucial role in Effective Communication.  
What we miss out in Communication Skills is that Judgement, Perception, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence are a function of the right brain & they are left underutilized due to lack of awareness.
This is where COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE comes into play.




To bring about a shift in the Mindset, Personality, Perspective & Confidence of working professionals enhance their communication abilities to be effective among people in their personal and professional life.

To create exemplary effective Communicators so that they can mould any conversation to achieve desired outcome in any conversation.


To empower individuals with enhanced vocabulary, creative solutions in challenging situations.

To assist  working professionals  for critical analysis of their gaps in Communication, get past their limiting patterns, beliefs & barriers in effective Communication. Equip working professionals  to understand and apply the psychological tools to excel in their communication skills.

To learn & create professional presentations using the right tools and techniques, resources, templates, technology, colour palettes, to create an impactful presentation.

To understand the micro elements required to create a powerful, impactful and engaging presentation addressing all the 6 official presentation styles.


Understanding Communication Barriers 

It includes Verbal & Non Verbal Communication skills. Verbal Communication includes written and oral Communication. Non-Verbal Communication includes paralanguage and focuses on the way something is being said whether its intentional or unintentional, regulators and adaptors of Kinesics Communication and Meta Communication whether it's the Body language, Facial expressions, gestures or eye contact.


It is the Listening Skills that allows one to comprehend what is being said. Listening Skills enhance the ability to Influence, Persuade, Negotiate or build Relativity in any Communication. The Types of Listening governs our responses, Interpretation and Perception of any Communication.


The Communication Barriers are governed by our Interpretation and Perception of what we hear. The Gaps in understanding are the doing of our Limiting perceptions formed in our childhood and early teens which contribute strongest influence on our personality. This stage focuses on identifying the Limiting Beliefs; get past our Perceptual and Emotional Barriers. Here the focus in on identifying the source of Internal Communication and changing its course to create Impactful External Communication.


This Stage focuses on creating an Empowered individual armed with the correct Strategy codes to create impactful external Communication utilizing the necessary Code checks. It focuses on creating not just the right Communication but also the right Image and Perception. This stage skills the individuals to not just be an effective Communicator but a superior Mediator and Relationships Manager.


This stage is focused to skill individuals to deliver Effective and Engaging presentations to a variety of audience. Group Communication with any team is critical to establish ground rules and work to bring the team together so that it can accomplish its goals. Feedback and Reflection is a major part of this part of the curriculum.


Delivering an effective and impactful presentation is an art! You will be taught microelements of presentation skills; right from understanding the core of the presentation, how to engage & build a connect with the audience, create professional slides, using the colour palettes that make the right impact, replacing written content with infographics, pie charts, graphs and using professional templates in the CIP curriculum. You will learn how to create a long lasting and memorable experience in every single presentation you give in the professional world.


This stage puts everything together as a complete package, whether it's the Clarity of Speech, Message, Inspiration or the Vision of the speaker, this stage focuses on being understood by the people and creating the desired impact. This stage includes the final presentation and Graduation event which marks the tangible growth of each Participant in this Curriculum.

Learning Approach & Methodology

Various modes of delivery and engagement come into place when it comes to COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE course to makie it a highly enriching & a great learning experience for the participants


Communication Intelligence Course is a combination of video lessons, LIVE sessions, Discussion forums, Feedback sessions & guided action plan to work on your areas of improvement,  Engaging assignments, opportunity to create and deliver presentations, address large LIVE audience , participate in interviews, receive innumerable resource suggestions, templates and interact with strangers and leave a long lasting impression on a large community

2 Months Certification program in Communication Intelligence

Course comprising of 32 sessions in all including Videos, LIVE MasterMind & Discussion Forum sessions

8 Zenith MasterMind LIVE sessions with Gurleen Kaur, once every week

Self paced, 18 task based video lessons course

6 LIVE discussion forum session in a group of 5 members each

 Downloadable PDF files for assignments & course highlights 

The curriculum consists of 32 sessions broadly divided as follows

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  • 2 months / 8 weeks duration course
  • Course comprising 18 Self paced, task based videos 
  • 8 Zenith MasterMind LIVE sessions 
  • 1on1 session  
  • 6 LIVE Discussion Forum sessions
  • Assignments & Course content summary in downloadable PDF files