About Zenith School of leadership




During 2006-2009 Gurleen Kaur was serving as the Head of a premier school in New Delhi. Her close interactions with students and parents led her to realize that the present education has huge gap between what the real world demands and the skills set that students have acquired, by the time they complete their academics.

Schools are merely helping students to secure a good mark sheet. Sadly, today workplace does not look at just that.

She realized our education model focused on majorly developing the IQ of the students, which accounted for only 20% of their life success, whereas the rest 80% actually depended on their Leadership, Emotional & the other Inner Intelligences.

In 2009, Gurleen Kaur quit her position and established Zenith School of Leadership because she had this unstoppable calling to cater to that missing 80% in the lives of our young ones.



As on date Zenith School of Leadership stands tall as an International Model for Leadership & Emotional Intelligence education for teenagers and young adults to equip them with the necessary real-world skills needed in the 21st century.  

 ‘Zenith 5Q Leadership Mastery’ is a strategic, step by step actionable practical guide to build your personal & professional portfolio to make you stand way ahead of the competition of today’s world.

This 1-year program is the most comprehensive mentorship program any young person could dream of.

In the past 12 years, over 25000 young people have taken a lead in their lives due to their association with Zenith.

Each one of our alumni across the world has been a sought-after student in a university or at workplace. Many have emerged as Entrepreneurs, Authors, and TedX speakers themselves, making a mark because of the skills they learned at the right age. 



Zenith School of Leadership is on a mission to impact 1 MILLION youth across the globe through its world class Leadership programs.