6 Ways to Become Mentally Strong and Persistent

If life could be described in one word, that word would most definitely be 'change'. Circumstances, relationships, feelings, career, and in fact, almost every important aspect of our life undergoes constant fluctuation. There are days when you feel like you’ve soared to the heights of happiness and success, but there are also days when you feel like you've hit rock bottom, and things seem to be going south. And that is when the dark feelings of emptiness& confusion take over. At such times we feel helpless and begin questioning ourselves, the possibility of, and our strength to overcome these adversities in life.

The truth is that mental strength is not something that an individual is born with. WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US LIES TREMENDOUS MENTAL STRENGTH THAT PERHAPS, WE HAVE BEEN OBLIVIOUS TOWARDS! Strength of mind comes through voluntarily conditioning yourself to be mentally tough in the face of challenges in life. A popular saying by Leon Brown goes, ‘It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you’. We cannot always control what happens to us but what we can certainly control is the way we choose to address these situations. We can either let trying times get to us &shatter us, or rise from the ashes- stronger, wiser and more powerful. We cannot always change the situations around us, but we can certainly always change & choose the way we respond to these situations.

Our willpower will always be at test on an everyday basis. But with the help of some mental strengthening and sheer determination on your part, you can navigate through any rough sea that you find yourself in.

Fear could derail your mental strength. We must face our fears and keep facing them until they’re no longer a challenge. The best way to face your fears is to pick up the one thing that you are most afraid of and, taking one step at a time, make a conscious effort to overcome this fear. It could be one tiny step every day, and within a week you would have developed the kind of courage and mental strength like you’d never imagined before.

Identify what is it that triggers your negative emotions such as guilt, anger, grief, or anything else that hinders you from moving forward. Then, rather than burying these emotions deep within yourself, confront them in a healthy manner. Your focus should be on re-framing these emotions and channelizing your energy in a constructive manner. You could indulge in a physical activity or pen down your feelings in a diary. This practice would help you eventually rise above these emotions.

Be grateful for the littlest of things around you. You don’t necessarily have to have a lot to be thankful for. But make it a point to appreciate what you have, the efforts that you put in as well as the efforts that others put in for you. This small act would go a really long way in making you feel happier and will also strengthen your mind.

You cannot please everybody. You must never overcommit yourself because in doing so, you would end up sacrificing a crucial part of your happiness and spiral into increasing feelings of stress. If you have been a person who has said ‘YES' to everything for the fear of hurting other people’s feelings, then it is time to start asking yourself if you’ve ever said ‘NO' for things that you did not want to do.

Always remind yourself that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, irrespective of the challenges on the way. Tell yourself to get up, to never quit and to keep on going. When faced with any obstacle that seems too difficult to overcome, direct your attention to what still lies in your control, and begin working from there. Keep on taking things step by step until you have finally overcome the situation. Remember what the challenge taught you, and move on.

Do not worry about what is going to happen next. Do your best in the present and face what comes in the future when it is here. Be optimistic and always try to look on the brighter side. Try to find solutions to every problem instead of it being the other way around. Also remember to not be a prisoner of your past. Good or bad, put your past behind and focus on the ‘NOW’.

Nobody was born mentally strong. Mental strength is not innate but rather a choice that we make to get up no matter the number of times we fall. Choosing to toughen up our mindset liberates the minds from the constant ‘I CAN’T’ that we often end up telling ourselves. Mental strength is a choice that would assist us to take charge rather than leaving things as they are. Becoming mentally strong would never be easy but - “Champions are never born from a bed of roses.”

Always remember that becoming mentally strong is a choice that you make because – “You are stronger than you think you are.”


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