Saket Jain

CSM - India
Malvern Panalytical
Gurgaon, IN

“I now understand the importance of knowing the ‘WHY’ behind every communication”

I used to focus only on the "WHAT" of communication, but now I understand the importance of the "WHY" in communication. Our mentor, Gurleen Ma’am made such a complex subject very easy to understand. I loved the anecdotes, examples & assignments as these were very relevant and enhanced the entire learning experience. Being the CSM, I commit that my entire team would put in greater efforts and ensure that we achieve greater CSAT and lesser escalations.

Jasmine Maheshwari

Senior Solutions Architect
Amazon Internet Services
Bangalore, IN


“Being at Zenith feels like finding a hidden treasure that very few people have access to.”


Whatever I have learned till now - it feels like finding a hidden treasure that very few people have access to. For me, the greatest discovery is, if I do well on empathetic listening, I have achieved 60% of communication intelligence because while I am listening empathetically, I am hearing the other side of the story completely before evaluating. Depending on personality, all of us change our plot , our storyline and only towards the end of our story, we are able to summarize the whole point of the discussion. I have started to feel that everyone has something that we can learn from and I wonder if I didn't think about communication from the other person's perspective earlier.

Bikash Behera

Software Developer
Walmart Global Tech


“Gurleen Ma’am has transformed my perspective on success & life in more ways than one.”

I used to be someone who was cynical about everything in life. This deeply impacted almost every significant aspect of my life - my relationships, my communication, and so much more - both in my personal as well as my professional life. Gurleen Ma’am has allowed me a shift in my perspective. I no more expect to be appreciated, listened to, or understood. Rather, I make an effort to appreciate, listen and understand. This simple adjustment in my attitude has allowed me a chance at better relationships, and impactful conversations, wherever I go.

Evangeline Helu 
Second Secretary 
Namibia Mission the UN

“I am greatly appreciative of the way Zenith is shaping individuals in the 21st century world.”


Zenith has helped individuals overcome their weaknesses and fears, while also making them more attentive and empathetic. I have witnessed people become conscious and aware of others' feelings, overcome their limiting beliefs, and become stronger personalities. I am greatly appreciative of the way Zenith is shaping individuals in the 21st century world.

Sunil Pahwa
Kaizen Metal Forming 
New Delhi, India
“The difference that Zenith has created for myself and my family is like an indescribable feeling.”


Why do we close our eyes when we pray? When we cry? When we dream? Because we know that most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt with the heart. The same feeling is mine when I think about the difference that Zenith has caused for me and my family.

Sheetal Tandon
ProEx Fashion Pvt. Ltd. 
Gurugram, India
"Zenith takes you to newer heights, and I can't thank Gurleen Ma'am enough for it!"


Truly as the word Zenith says, this program takes you to newer heights. Gurleen Ma'am is creating leaders out of individuals! This program has a very unique way to rejuvenate the participants and bring them out of their comfort zones like never before!

Rikin Singh

York University
Toronto, Canada

"I have discovered my true self past all my fears, and it has been an empowering journey"

The way Zenith approaches emotional intelligence has been the reason I discovered my true self, who had been hiding behind my fears for the longest time. It is indeed a very sacred and powerful place that demonstrates what’s truly possible.

Prachi Pahwa

Communications Intern
Crowd Media - HQ
Melbourne, Australia
"I now handle failure with as much enthusiasm and learn from it, thanks to Zenith"

Zenith has blessed me with the chance to transform from an ordinary being to an extraordinary human being. After joining Zenith, the biggest change within me is that I have become a person of my word. I value my word as much as I value myself. I handle failure with great enthusiasm, and it helps me achieve all my goals.”

Malay Banerjee

Team Leader - East 
Malvern Panalytical
“I am committed to applying marginal adjustment in every aspect of my life and grow consistently.”
When I sit back and compare my communication between now and when I joined this training, I clearly see that I have become a better listener. Now I consciously use the AFTER Technology and can handle irate customers and build meaningful connections in communication. I am committed to applying marginal adjustment in every aspect of my life and grow consistently. Gurleen Ma'am is an amazing mentor. I always felt at ease while discussing my problems with her. The analogies & solutions that she shared simplified such a difficult subject and were both unique and easy to remember. I have experienced significant improvement in my communication and I am confident that my professional, as well as personal life, would witness the magic of this transformation. 

Dev Pahwa

University of Waterloo
“At Zenith, I learned that there is much more to life than just being alive.”


At Zenith, I learned that there is much more to life than just being alive. I learned there is always a different side to things than what I usually see. And in order to see what’s beyond the ordinary, I have to shift my lens. I learned that when in a problem, the question: “What else can I see?” will make me find the solution even in the most negative situations.

Ritu Vig 

Weltech India

"The relationship that I share with my family has grown immensely, thanks to Zenith."


Zenith has given us the platform to be a great family. Our conversations used to be very beautiful in the past as well, but now we all understand and communicate with each other so well. I am amazed at how much I have gotten to learn from these sessions.

Ajay Dabli
Team Leader 
Malvern Panalytical
“Communication Intelligence has allowed me to realize that even the simplest of communication is multi-layered.”


Before this program, I never gave much thought to the way I communicated. But now, I realize that even the simplest of communication is multi-layered. The aspects of internal and external communication taught during this training, such as empathetic listening, the AFTER Technology among others have given me the confidence to communicate with ease with customers and those in my personal life as well. I really appreciate Gurleen Ma'am for her innovative ideas and analogies, which were really helpful. The videos and live sessions gave me the confidence to learn and grow in my communication.

Video Poster Image

Kanishk Bhadana

New Delhi, India

“Through these sessions at Zenith, I realised that I am a creator and a magician.”


Gurleen Ma'am always told us to 'create some magic'. I kept thinking about these two words - 'creation' and 'magic'. Through the sessions, I realised that I am a creator and a magician. The magic is inside me like a buried treasure. And its search must never end. The best thing about the sessions was that we were able to derive a meaning out of the activities and relate them to ourselves, making each session so personalized and relevant.

Jessika Taneja

New Delhi, India

Zenith rewired and changed me on the molecular level"

Being at Zenith made me an optimist, and oh my, I was the most pessimistic girl before this! Zenith changed me on the molecular level - it rewired me. It taught me that if I want to achieve something badly enough, I should think of it like the air I breathe and give it everything it takes. Attending the sessions with such amazing people, doing the activities and assignments has taught me so much. I learned how to deal with situations and with people a lot better. I am still working on managing my time better, building other skills, and being happy, but none of these would have happened if it wasn’t for Gurleen ma’am and the Zenith community. It has been a blessing for me to be here. Thank you, Zenith, for making Jessika a much happier person.

Miraj Sahoo

Team Leader
Malvern Panalytical
“Gurleen Ma'am’s systematic and scientific approach is extraordinary and can help absolutely anyone grow in communication.”


I have learned the power of listening, interpreting, and driving the conversation to a desirable outcome. Now, I have started regaining the confidence to make things better through my communication. Gurleen Ma'am’s systematic and scientific approach is extraordinary and can help absolutely anyone grow in communication, myself included. 


Saira Singh

Gurgaon, India


"Being at Zenith transformed me into the empowered individual I never thought I would be"


Before joining, I was skeptical of the community and the program. After the first few sessions, I could experience the power of self-expression and confidence. I was surprised to see that changed the way I felt about myself and the way people perceived me. Being at Zenith has transformed me into the person I never thought I would be. I have now started to step out of my comfort zone, think out of the box and strive to be among the 1% of people who think, act and do things differently.

Arun Verma

Assistant Manager - Customer Support
Malvern Panalytical
"Zenith has helped me improve my personal and professional life."

Because of this training, I have realized that communication is not about you and me, it’s about 'we'. Before this training, I was a selective listener and was unaware of the adverse effects of my selective listening. But now, because of the program, I started using empathetic listening, and it has helped me look at and understand the big picture a lot better. I now realize that emotions drive communications, and I will be watchful of my tone and gestural communication to ensure that I trigger the right emotions. This training has helped me to improve my personal as well as professional life which will, in turn, increase my productivity in the long run.

Eshika Gombar

Partnerships Manager
Good Business Lab

"Zenith has been the most beautiful journey of my life."

Zenith is a dreamland, and I feel its programs are important for every individual. I enjoyed the sessions because every session was full of positive energy. I can now deal with people, situations, and I feel in control of my emotions. Zenith has been the most beautiful journey ever of my life.

Rahul Kumar

Offsite Marketing Manager
Slurrp Farm 
Gurgaon, India
"Zenith has wired me to always put my best foot forward"

I am proud to be a part of the ZENITH community. I have realized the importance of my relationships, friends & family as an inextricable part of my life, as well as the power of acknowledgment. This program has made me discover the power of putting my best foot forward and always creating something extraordinary.

Niharika Vig

Jr. Visual Designer
Nicobar Designs Pvt. Ltd.
"This platform has given me the power to create goals for my future and take action to achieve it."

Zenith taught me skills that I was missing. I realized the power of words. I learned to overcome my limiting beliefs & my fears, the biggest of which was to speak in front of people. I now listen to people beyond their words. This course has allowed me to realize my ability to have a vision for my life and to take action for it. Thank you, ZENITH!! Thank you, Gurleen ma’am, for adding so much power to my life.

Chaitanya Kannan

Gurgaon, India

"Zenith has reignited a spark in me and opened the long-shut doors of my mind."

For me, Zenith is like the key which opened the long-shut door in my mind. It reignited a spark in me for which I will forever be grateful. Zenith awakened the leader in me. Today, I can very proudly state that I am CONFIDENT, have LEADERSHIP skills, and use SELF-EXPRESSION to make a difference in the lives of those around me.


Phinza Aggarwal

Gurgaon, India

"Zenith is a platform where you choose to control your life and not let life control you."

Zenith is a platform where you make the impossible possible; where you choose to control your life and not let life control you; where you choose to learn, be happy, and be a winner.”

Sohan Kumar

Chandigarh University

 "I have seen a tremendous change in myself after joining Zenith - I am more self-aware and responsible."


I joined Zenith to improve my communication and public speaking skills. I have seen a tremendous change in me - I have become more self-aware and responsible. The community has people with different goals and dreams, which has helped me shape my perspective and goals. The online sessions, assignments, and activities have helped me become more confident to speak with anyone. I am grateful to Zenith for bringing out the best in me.

Sonam Balwani

Event Manager 

“Zenith has made change and growth so easy and practical.”


Through various powerful LIVE sessions and video lessons, Zenith has helped me mend broken relationships, build and improve my communication skills, and enhance my productivity, focus and efficiency. I am pleasantly surprised to see how Zenith has made change and growth so easy and practical.

Sachin Mital

Hong Kong University

“The skills I have learned here are irreplaceable.”

I went into the training program thinking I would not learn anything. However, once Gurleen Ma’am helped me open up my mind, there hasn’t been a single second in this training which I thought was a waste of time. From the activities to the inspirational stories, my mind has absorbed everything that was taught. The skills I have learned here are irreplaceable and indispensable.

Stuti Kumar

Gurgaon, India

"I now look for solutions instead of dwelling on the negatives, and this has led to significant positive changes"

Zenith made me focus on my social skills and perfectionism. I realized that too much of anything is bad. This trait has made me lose opportunities in the past because I was afraid of, 'What if the results are not perfect?'. Those close to me saw a big difference in my attitude. I have become less sensitive and have started having a more constructive approach to things. Instead of thinking “Why me?” - I look for solutions and don’t spend too much time dwelling on the negatives. This is again, something that has impacted people in my surroundings positively.

Mr. T Ramraj 

Technical Operations Manager 
Malvern Panalytical
“I have seen a marked improvement in my professional life, all thanks to the way the concepts were simplified and delivered”


I have witnessed a marked improvement in the various aspects of my communication. The concepts covered throughout the program, including the ‘LTAS Technology’, were absolutely remarkable and I have seen positive results in my professional life. I am amazed by Gurleen Ma'am's way of explaining such complex concepts in a much-simplified manner through easy-to-understand examples.


New Delhi, India
“I can proudly say that deciding to become a part of Zenith has been the best decision of my life.”


The choices we make today decide our tomorrow. I too made a choice 4 years ago to be a part of the Zenith community and I can proudly say that I made the best decision of my life. Being associated with Zenith has helped me evolve into a Manshi that I could never have imagined I’d become.

Shashank Lamba

Gurgaon, India

"From every session, I took back a tool to renovate myself and unlock my level 2.0."


From every session, as Gurleen Ma'am said, I took with myself a 'tool' to renovate myself and became a better person overall. I worked on the smallest of my imperfections which led to HUGE changes in me. I now enjoy better interactions with people, I'm more confident, and most importantly, more responsible. I have really started seeing how the people around me have started regarding me to be significantly more responsible and innovative. 

Suhani Aggarwal

Vasant Kunj, India
"I now feel in control of my life because of the self-development courses"

Zenith is an amazing platform to explore your potential. The self-development courses gave me a chance to explore my abilities and the guidance to evolve myself. Zenith changed my life. It helped me be a better version of myself, be confident, and has helped me grow in a way that I am proud to be who I am today. I now know the value of my commitment, how to take initiative, and most importantly, how to be in control of my life.”

Rajsi Sharma 

Gurgaon, India

"Coming out of my comfort zone was not easy, but the results at the end were tremendous"

My journey with Zenith was full of experiences that constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone. But the one thing that kept me going was the outcome that my time here brought along. At Zenith, I learned the importance of breaking my limitations and the art of conveying my thoughts, living my life with positive beliefs such as courage, commitment, and self-expression.”

Shrey Aggarwal

Mumbai, India

“Zenith has allowed me to realize the importance of self-reflection.”

Zenith helped me inspect and introspect. The platform helped me realize that I hear without actually listening. Understanding how this impacted not just my day-to-day conversations, but also my relationships was my “Eureka” moment. 

Akanxa Swami

Ashoka University 

"The most amazing thing about Zenith is to have mentors who are so invested in your growth."


I have learned so many things relevant to me and my life by being a part of the Zenith community. The discussion forums, the video lessons, and the challenges - all add up to a personalized learning experience for some really important skills. The best part about it is that I get to take away something valuable from each session and each video. The community is filled with mentors who are invested in your growth and other people who are rooting for you to be the best possible version of yourself. This is something that has kept me going.


Video Poster Image

Eeshaja Swami

GD Goenka World School
"I am now a more confident individual who has stepped out of her comfort zones"

I had always been so nervous about being at new places and often questioned what others thought about me. Nevertheless, today I possess an abundance of confidence in myself and my capabilities, which has only been possible because of Zenith. I am now a completely new person and can proudly say that I have broken my limiting beliefs and have stepped out of my comfort zone.

Mehak Jain

New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India
“Zenith has allowed me to lead my life like an unshakeable pyramid.”


I learned the value of words and to make only those commitments which I knew I could actually follow through. Today, I stand here like an unshakable pyramid, who can’t be broken, no matter the storm. My perspective is now much more evolved, allowing me to be far more optimistic and courageous in my life. At Zenith, I’ve learned very valuable lessons that I’ll nurture for life.

Anushka Gupta

New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India
"At Zenith, I discovered the large gap between theory and practice; I now put together creative ideas and come up with newer and more effective solutions"‚Äč


When I first learned about Communication Intelligence, I thought it would be about speaking with people nicely, building better relationships, or solving conflicts in a civilized manner. The distance I have covered in 10 weeks surprises me, and today, this program has completely changed the way I view my relationships and communication. At Zenith, I discovered the large gap between theory and practice. When solving a problem, I now brainstorm, look for alternate perspectives, put together creative ideas and come up with newer and more effective solutions. I still can’t find the words to thank Gurleen Ma’am for guiding me in discovering my strengths and making me believe in myself.

Romesh Kesharwani

Senior Consultant
Capgemini Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, India
New Delhi, India
"I have learned techniques to choose the right words to diffuse unfavorable situations; as long as I stay connected with the Zenith community, I know I will keep learning every day"


This program has changed my life and way of thinking – I have now ascended to the next level, both personally and professionally. I may have been using communication in my personal and professional life, but I did not know how and where to apply communication intelligence in a proper way. The past 10 weeks have allowed me to see a huge transformation in myself. I have learned techniques to choose the right words to diffuse unfavorable situations and speak into the listening of other people. As long as I stay connected with the Zenith community, I know I will keep learning every day.

Rishita Srivastava

The World Academy
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
New Delhi, India
"Interacting with such an amazing e-community gave me the confidence to converse with people; I now make my presence felt"


Earlier I was like most other people my age – easily nervous when around others, hesitant to initiate conversations and communicate with those around me. However, the turning point for me came when I began this amazing journey of Communication Intelligence. I was fortunate enough to acquire profound takeaways from Gurleen Ma’am, which allowed me to build a deeper connection with my audience, no matter who it was. Interacting with such an amazing e-community gave me the confidence to converse with people. I now make my presence felt!

Murali Krishna

Customer Service Support
Andhra Pradesh, India
New Delhi, India
"I am being noticed, standing out wherever I go, and creating opportunities unlike ever before in my life"


In the last 10 weeks, I have grown in areas that I never even paid attention to earlier. Earlier, I was afraid to talk with people, but now I have overcome my limiting barriers, and it is all thanks to Zenith. This program has helped me build confidence and has empowered me with a new perspective. Gurleen Ma’am inspired me to work hard and guided me on the right path. I feel really lucky to be a part of this program, and all the credit for it goes to Gurleen Ma’am. I am being noticed, standing out wherever I go, and creating opportunities unlike ever before in my life.

Col. (Dr.) Rajesh Sahu

Professor @ AFMC, 
Pune, India
New Delhi, India
"I realized that although money cannot buy everything, communication intelligence can because there is this indescribable power in this skill”


Being at Zenith has been a phenomenal experience. Learning the art of intelligent communication has empowered me to convert any communication, personal or professional, into something fun and meaningful. Gurleen ma'am's knowledge, power, and innate ability to connect with individuals and give effective feedback for growth are commendable. The MasterMind sessions were so immersive and meaningful that we spent hours without realizing how time went by. I am grateful to the entire Zenith community.

Manjari Agrawal

Founder @ SoulBuddy
New Delhi, India
“Techniques that I have learned at Zenith have helped me feel the transformation in every single moment of every single day”


I have emerged stronger, better, and more powerful than

ever before. I am living by my decisions and taking charge of my life. I would like to thank my mentor, Gurleen ma'am who made me feel appreciated while being critically honest with me about the mistakes that I was committing. I am also grateful to the entire Team Zenith, who were there to support and guide me.

Rohit Nerurkar

Sr. Manager Purchases @ Procter and Gamble
New Delhi, India
“My journey at Zenith during the training program has been a wake-up call in my life and career”


Coming to Zenith was the best decision of my life! I unlearned so many things that I was doing unknowingly which were jeopardizing my growth. To a working professional like myself, with so many years of experience, in the beginning, this truly felt like child’s play. But every MasterMind LIVE, assignment, and activity allowed us to uncover layers in our communication that we didn’t even know existed. I see this as an invaluable investment I made in my life to grow and realize my untapped potential.

Daksh Gupta

Outreach Manager @ Raahee
New Delhi, India
“I didn’t realize the huge jump that being at Zenith was going to give me in my personal growth”


As I look back, getting the opportunity to be at Zenith, and learn from Gurleen Ma'am has been amazing. I am thankful to Gurleen ma'am, for such empowering and transformational training. Applying the concepts I learned here during conversations has allowed me to establish better connections with people. To be able to listen patiently and holistically is an art in and of itself, and I thank the creators of this curriculum for making it possible for us to learn that art.

Manya Sharma

Artificial Intelligence Undergrad @ The University of Manchester
United Kingdom
New Delhi, India
“Being a part of this community has allowed me to evolve in numerous wonderful ways”


Through Communication Intelligence at Zenith, I have been able to unfold so many hidden layers of communication and upgrade my skills in ways I had never imagined before. I have become so much more confident and aware of myself as an individual. The interactive discussions and activities during the program have allowed me to focus on my observation, fill my communication gaps, and transition from selective listening to empathetic listening.

Jay Shah

Co-founder & Senior Manager @ Nyayvruti
New Delhi, India
“From a boy who thought he had everything, Zenith made me realize how I was unknowingly limiting myself and liberated me from that loop”


I thought I had everything - good at academics, athletic, hardworking, and an avid reader. But I still felt like everything had lost its meaning and was severely demotivated. When I joined Zenith, I learned extremely powerful concepts, including flipping the script, changing the narrative, and interpreting things constructively. My pessimism made me think I knew enough, but my mentor, Gurleen ma'am helped me use Kaizen to un-become the negatives of who I had become. Today, I am more confident and no longer seek comfort in my limitations. 

> Video Poster Image

Rinku Jain

Primary Teacher @ RVM High School
New Delhi, India
“Life is unpredictable - Zenith found me at my lowest and has taken me to the level I never thought was possible for me to achieve”


I was at rock bottom when I realized that my communication skills weren't helping matters at all. Words will never

describe my gratitude to this wonderful community and the entire Team Zenith who have transformed my perspective on how I view the world and the people in it. Communication might hold a different meaning for different people, but for

me, through my journey at Zenith, I have realized that communication is the bridge that creates lasting and meaningful connections with people. Now, I have developed the composure and poise to communicate impactfully in my personal and professional life.

Kishor Pathak

Senior Manager, Machine Design at ThyssenKrupp Industries
New Delhi, India
“I used to fear being misjudged by my colleagues and seniors at work, but Zenith has transformed me in ways that words cannot describe”


I am in a respectable position in my organization, but still, I felt that I was struggling to establish a connection with people. I was extremely hesitant to express my thoughts and feelings for the fear of being misjudged during meetings. I joined Zenith, only expecting transformation in my professional life. I was pleasantly surprised to see my personal life evolving as well. The scientific methods used by Zenith such as the SWOT Analysis, Personality Profile Assessment, and the Communication Intelligence Circle of Excellence have been an eye-opener for me. The past 10 weeks at Zenith have been phenomenal and I cannot describe how happy I am.

Archana Kumar

New Delhi, India
“I used to feel overwhelmed by the increased responsibilities that came with my promotion at work, but Zenith taught me to thrive in the spotlight”


When I was nominated for promotion to a leadership role, I was overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities and doubted if I was ready for promotion in the first place. My search for a solution made me stumble upon Zenith, and my life has never been the same ever since. At Zenith, I discovered many valuable tools that have helped me understand the people around me and establish a more profound connection with them. 

Gurleen ma'am's sessions empowered me with greater stability, calmness, and poise. 

Abhijit Kulkarni

Product Manager, Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India

“My need for Communication Intelligence came from the demands of my professional life - and Zenith has made me ace every challenge with Communication Intelligence”


In my day-to-day job as a product manager, among other responsibilities, I am responsible for delivering presentations and demos to clients - situations where excellent communication is vital. Earlier, I was very hesitant in my communication, and didn't know how to put my thoughts together in front of someone. Zenith empowered me to communicate eloquently and handle challenging tasks with greater ease. The tips and techniques I learned in the MasterMind sessions have and are continuing to help me evolve in my professional and personal life. Gurleen Ma'am is a subject matter expert in Leadership and Communication Intelligence. Her constant feedback has played a crucial role in my growth.

Punam Gupta

Principal, Heritage International Public School
New Delhi, India

“If I had one word to describe my experience at Zenith, it would be 'magic'. - words could never express how indebted I am to this platform for making me a better version of myself”


Despite being at such a respectable position, I was not taken seriously because I feared getting on the stage and addressing my team. I often found myself in conflicts with my family that used to rid me of my peace of mind. Gurleen Ma'am's mentorship has been a turning point in my life and has evolved me into a calm and composed individual. From being the person who used to fear speaking up, I have now become the person that everyone in the team would turn to, when looking for an answer.

Sandeep Jain

Manager - Sales, DCM Shriram Ltd.
New Delhi, India

“I used to wonder if online training would have a similar impact as offline, however, all doubts vanished after the first MasterMind LIVE and I knew I was at the right place”


I was facing many roadblocks in my career, to the extent that I was told I wasn't being considered for a promotion. My search for answers and solutions brought me to Zenith, and words would never do justice to my gratitude. Every MasterMind LIVE saw Gurleen Ma'am sharing mantras for impactful and outcome-driven communication through simple yet effective methods. Her guidance went beyond Communication Intelligence. Being at Zenith not only blessed me with unimaginable growth in my professional life, but also made me feel unbelievably content in my personal life. 

Nishant Sharma

Area Sales Manager, Franco Indian Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd 
Jaipur, India


“I now have a structure to my thoughts and know exactly what I want from my communication”


I joined Zenith at a time in my life when I felt truly stuck in my life due to my inability to be an intelligent communicator. I was struggling to be understood by other people, as well as in expressing what I really wanted to say. 10 weeks down the line, I have started putting my point across to my colleagues and higher-ups in my organization confidently. Difficult conversations do not scare me, and I can now focus on the right things during a conflict. I am no longer that shy Nishant who lacked confidence.