Heri Om Dagar

“I highly appreciate the efforts made by Gurleen ma'am at Zenith to infuse such confidence in my daughter’s life. Freedom has no meaning if one doesn’t have the freedom to make mistakes.

Thanks to Zenith, I have had a more positive approach to the times Nehal makes mistakes instead of criticizing her."

Dr. Archana Krishna

"I have observed Yashee taking responsibility for not just her actions but herself too. She is now able to distinguish between positive and negative. She has learnt to apologize for her rude behaviour. She’s also learnt to practice time management with the help of Zenith. I've seen her implementing daily planners, Task Matrix etc. which is always on her study table and she tends to follow it. Her anxiety levels due to bad time management has declined, and she has begun to realize the value of time. Her communication skills are also improving."

Assim Hussain

"Maleika has always been an intelligent child, and she’s quite talented is what I feel. However, from my life experiences, I believe that no matter how talented or intelligent you are, there are 3 important attributes  that make a good human being. These are confidence, communication and empathy. Malieka lacked empathy and Zenith has helped enhance not only empathy but many other positive qualities to help her grow. We wish for her to grow up into a good human being and someone who makes a difference in her fellow beings lives."


Sunil Pahwa

"Our society today needs education that transforms. Zenith is doing a wonderful job to facilitate this vacuum. Zenith’s contributions to society is highly respectable. We have experienced significant growth in the way our son has worked on his weak areas. We hope to see more positive and optimistic changes in Dev even in the coming future. 'A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.' We hope for our kids to be 'real leaders' of tomorrow and we know that this program will really help them with inculcating the necessary values".

Priyanka Bhat

“Zenith has opened up the possibility of Aaryan becoming a better version of himself. He has become more vocal and expressive. His stage fright seems to have dissolved. I now a see a clarity in his thoughts. My personal one-on-one session over the phone with Gurleen ma’am was a revelation for me. If possible I would love a face-to-face session with her too.”

Dr. Dipti Yadav

"I am a Psychologist myself and I proudly say that Zenith has added a lot of value in my children’s lives. The most important of which is their belief in themselves and their social and emotional skills. I have seen their relationship growing better and becoming more harmonious, I have seen them accepting responsibility and being more confident in expressing themselves."

Seema Swami

"Zenith Leadership Program has added many colors to my daughter’s life. These are the colors that depict more confidence, more expressiveness and a strong personality. Before joining this program, Eeshaja always said she wanted to live a happy life not a perfect one, but with Zenith she has realized how she can achieve this happy life in reality."

Deepak Bhutani

"I have definitely seen a change in my son as he has become more confident, responsible, disciplined, caring, started being in gratitude and take control of his life. Thank you Zenith."

Rajesh Yadav

“Both my son and daughter are doing well in their respective fields - school, behavior, relationships; but to make an impact we have to teach them to do the same things differently. We wanted to teach them something to improve their behavior and add life skills they were missing so that they could stand out. Zenith has helped us achieve this. Now, the relationship between the kids is better, they are more careful, they respect all the family members and take the responsibility to do tasks & household work.”

Meenu Dubey

“In a moment, Aadya became outspoken, imaginative, creative and an extrovert. Now, I hope she has learnt what’s right and what’s wrong for her and what she wants to become. She has learnt

If you can’t fly,

You can run

If you can’t run,

You can walk

If you can’t walk,

You can crawl

But you should keep moving on

Thank you Zenith!”

Rashmi Chugh

“Since the moment I’ve been here, with every story I hear my eyes swell with tears. Every story is worth appreciating. Zenith has met my hopes of making James a better version of himself. Over the past year, we argued a lot and he fought with his sister a lot as well. But after a few sessions at Zenith, I could see a visible change in him. I want to appreciate Zenith for its hard and constant effort. Thank you!”

Raman Kumar Chugh

“Zenith is a self - explanatory word. I would like to express my gratitude for embedding values in my son which were clearly visible at the event today. Thank you Gurleen ma’am, this journey has been a very successful one for James and I wish all the future prospects good luck.”


"Zenith has got my child on the peak of the world. This platform has given the magic to harness the inner hidden energy in them, to make them realize that they can do anything. My child has become positive, responsible and strong enough to face the world. Thank you so much for all your efforts."

Soni Mittal

“Zenith is a great platform for the adolescents who are struggling with problems and are unable to share them with their family or may not be getting positive support from their family. I must say that each child should attend this program as it helps to open up their mind to purposeful living & spreading happiness. I’d like to thank Zenith.”

Dr. Navin Sharma

"The best thing that has happened out of Zenith to my son is that he has come closer to me, he has literally become my friend, and he shares things with me without any hesitation and expects an honest view and answer from me. He has started giving his perspectives on different situations with a very logical & responsive outlook."

Evangellie Helu

"The Zenith Leadership Program has helped my daughter to overcome her weaknesses and fears. She has become a more attentive person who empathizes with others. She is now much more aware of other people's feelings and tries to understand them. She has overcome her various fears like stage fright and " can't do's " and is moving out to be a stronger person. I am greatly appreciative of the values that Zenith program has instilled in her which has helped her gain confidence in herself."

Gautam Bhasin

"Values such as expressing himself, talking to unknown people, creative thinking, being calm under pressure and to act with responsibility are very important and all these have been added to Pranav’s life through Zenith."

Kamala Das

" Our daughter now shows a lot of responsibility and accountability in her day-to-day life. She is now composed, shows positive thoughts and a balanced attitude. Vishnupriya is definitely working towards being a “ZENITH” and will definitely achieve her goal to the best model. "


"I can see a change in my son Manan. He used to be really shy while speaking on the mic before; today I am really proud to see him speak in front of so many parents, while maintaining eye contact. This is a big achievement for me.  Both my children are more confident than ever after this course."

Indika Mann

“My daughter Khushi Balhara loved coming for the sessions here at Zenith without any excuse. This was itself very intriguing because she used to want to skip any other classes she joined previously. She’s become more patient, is ready to apologise when she does something wrong, is more responsible and disciplined.”

Jatinder Duggal

"The program was amazing. After the program, Shouray has learned many wonderful things. His relationship with his grandparents has completely changed for the better. He is now more confident and full of energy. I am amazed to see that he has set goals for his life and has started taking steps to achieve them.
Thank you very much Gurleen ma'am & Harjit sir for the 'I am Zenith' program. God bless you."

Sheetal Tondon

"Truly as the word Zenith says, this program takes you to newer heights. I would like to start with my heart-felt gratitude for Gurleen ma'am, who is doing such an amazing work at creating leaders. You are a true leader ma'am!
I am so glad that Krish has repeated this program. I so wanted him to have his 'Zenith effect' back. He lost his focus and went back into his comfort zone last year but with this program being repeated, he has rejuvenated himself and is back with a bang!
I wish Zenith grows leaps and bounds. May you carry on with this beautiful journey of creating leaders."


Sangeeta Madan

"The Zenith Leadership Program has made my child more confident, expressive, appreciative and accepting. She has now begun to apologize for her mistakes. Zenith has evolved her into a more caring & responsible individual. This has been an amazing journey for her and has exposed her to her potential within. My daughter has made a long-lasting relationship with Zenith, and I thank Zenith for everything they've done."

Mukesh Panhotra

"The three ‘A’ concept has added the maximum value to my child's life. The reason I sent my child for this training was to make her more focused in her approach to any subject. Happily for me, she is now working towards the same & is achieving more.

She has begun to understand and acknowledge our role as parents in her upbringing. She now apologizes for her mistakes."

Shalini Panotra

"My daughter is more confident now. She has become a better listener, & her emotions has helped her to understand and work on her strengths and weaknesses in a more logical way."

Raman Khanna

"Confidence is the most essential aspect of anybody's personality. You have to have a strong sense of self-belief and tell yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I am very pleased to see that my son has developed more confidence since he started attending the Zenith Leadership Program two months ago. He shared with us that he has gained the confidence & skills to solve problems, as well as the confidence to express himself very well at school."

Somesh Kumar

"Zenith has done for children what parents want to do but are unable to. Zenith has shown them the mirror; they now know what 

they have to work on to be truly successful and happy in life. It has also imbibed the ability to work effectively with others. They now know that life is about ‘people’ and not just technical knowledge. 

They now know the importance of improving their inter-personal skills, work better with their peers and groups. Zenith has imbibed life-long leanings in her."

Sanjeev Gupta

"Shorya has become more expressive now. He’s more confident, wants to try out new things, and has overcome his shyness. In the last two months, he was open to trying out new tasks outside his comfort zone. He’s started respecting his family and friends more now. Thank you Zenith! " 

Sanjay Taneja

"Jessika has always been confident and helpful for as long as I can remember. But at Zenith, I feel she has started to look at things differently. Zenith has given Jessika a new perspective, it has helped her to be able to evaluate and set her perspective right. She has always been loving and caring and now has a more responsible outlook at life. Here at Zenith School of Leadership, her optimistic side was revealed and it has manifested in her personality in a big way."

Manisha Arora

"I am happy and proud to have enrolled my kids for Zenith. It has helped both of them to overcome their shortcomings and limiting beliefs. It has not only been a learning experience for the kids, but for me as well to realize how and where we as parents need to change. I am glad that both of my kids have tried to improve in their relationships, be more confident and more accommodating. Zenith has sown in them the seeds to be future leaders. They have learnt to walk with people."

Rajan Madan

"Zenith has brought a change in Samridhi's attitude towards life. She has become more responsible and truthful. She is now more affectionate and acknowledges whatever her parents and relatives are doing for her."